The Story of Life

I never realized until now…😭
Though you gained your heavenly wings 6 years ago today, a few thoughts weighed heavy on my heart and wanted to share if I may.
Even though we never had a close relationship, I learned so much from you and for that I’m eternally grateful and wish I could tell you so NOW.😇
Although, I didn’t appreciate all the hard lessons I had to learn while I was growing up, I can now see clearly how God has used those invaluable lessons in my life even to this day.
They have helped me endure some of the hardest challenges that I have had to endure in the course of my life.
🧐I think about all the disciple I despised as a child and teen and how that very discipline has shaped me into a strong determined woman today.
🧐I think about the work ethic that was instilled in me as a little girl and it has served me well throughout my life!
🧐 I think about how you started your own businesses in your home and how I’ve done the same.
🧐I think about how you made me sit at a table and learn about Jafra, a natural skin care line, as a young teen and how I’ve now done the same! #BEAUTY
🤔I think about how you taught me table manners and proper etiquette and how much I appreciate it now!
Including walking with a pillow on my head…for proper posture.😜
🧐I think about how you went back to school at 50 and pursued a dream after a horrific divorce and how I went back to school at 60 and did the same!
🤔 I think about all the compromises and sacrifices that were made as a mother, in leu of everything, and I find myself doing the same.
🤔I think about the perseverance that you had to have to survive and I find that same perseverance rising up once again within me.
🤔I think about how polar opposite we were in personality and yet how much alike we were in our intentions in many ways.
🤔 I think about how I never wanted to be like you and yet I’m finding all the empowering qualities of being you, I’m finding hidden within myself.
I think about you.
A lot. 😓

Thank you for teaching me so many hard yet beautiful truths about the story of life.
I love,miss and honor you today Mother.
Much love,❤️
Cherylanne ❌⭕️