The Great Exhange

Hey friends, I’m back!

It has been so long since I’ve felt led to write. Like months. I even talked to someone I trust about it because I felt so stuck…

She challenged my thinking by asking me a simple yet profound question.

A question that I wasn’t ready for. Hold on. I wasn’t ready to hear it either. Just keep reading…

And then it happened.

Another epiphany spoken through one of my best friends. Why hadn’t I thought of that. No wonder I had stopped writing…

But first, allow me to do a little recap.

As you know, most of my blog posts have come out of a place of deep wounds, betrayal and pain that I had experienced over the course of my life and how I overcame them. My heart has always been to inspire others to step into their healing journey to find their own identity, wholeness and healing. I know my blog posts have touched and ministered to so many but there’s so much more than simply reading about ones journey. Its learning to live it for yourself.

My deepest desire is to share that portion with you as I continue on this redemptive journey called life.

I’d like to share more of the redemptive portion of my journey and what it looks like now.

So, anyway, I bet you’re wondering what my friend said to me that day.

As I said, I felt so stuck and couldn’t find it in me to write or pick up the pen for months. “I’m not sure what’s wrong with me…”

She simply said to me, “ Maybe it’s because you’re so happy now!”

This truth totally caught me off guard and even unnerved me a bit because the truth is, I am REALLY happy and I have come to realize, that process took inner healing and time. Lots of time and introspection .Happiness truly is an inside job and I had committed to doing the inside work to experience true happiness and joy not manufactured by any circumstance or man.

The time had come for me to let go and experience the happiness I had witnessed in others and discover it for myself. And simply be my silly ‘ol self whether anyone approved or not. I am at peace with myself, my past, my wounds, my healing and my present journey.

Am I totally redeemed? Not on this side of heaven but I’m living freer than Ive ever lived and happier than I’ve ever been.

The great exchange took place when I gave up the old me and discovered the real me.

That’s what redemption is all about. Regaining possession of who you are as you let go of who you are not.

Listen, Jesus carried out the great exchange like no other! He took it all the way to the cross so we could experience redemption but not just that. He compensated for any and all of our past mistakes, failures, sins and errors. He has more than fulfilled the “trading stamp” for you and for me to walk in true joy and happiness.

It starts with you looking at you and then looking to Him to redeem the part of you you’ve yet to discover …and uncover!

He promises in His Word that He will walk this path with you. He will however needs you ,my friend, to co labor with Him on this laborious yet joy filled journey towards true redemption in this life!

Once you accept and receive the voucher “to own “ your own redemption , your story will change as will you!

Happy endings do happen!

Ps.107:2 ~

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from the enemy!

Much love and loads of grace to you beautiful ones!

See you again soon!


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