Hijacked Emotions

Want to go for a ride with me my friends?

Get dressed and go on a little “hijacked” emotional adventure together and then circle back around shall we?

Dare we go there? Emotions. Specifically, hijacked emotions.

Unlawfully seized emotions.

What does that really mean anyway? Hijacked emotions may have possibly been part of the reason I had felt so derailed or was off-roading, if you will, for so long. Okay, not possibly, absolutely! I was off roading big time. Both in my mind and in my heart. For months I couldn’t put words to my emotions. There were thousands of thoughts racing around but with no destination in sight. They had temporarily hijacked me and driven me down a dark road that appeared to have no end. Hijacked emotions come to steal, kill and destroy our journey thus not allowing us to get to our god given destination.

For as a man thinks within himself,so is he. (Prov.23:7)

I had stinking thinking going on to say the least…and they drove the getaway car!

See when I write, I always want to write on the side of hope. However there was a point, a few months back and for several months that I had lost hope due to what appeard to be yet another hopeless and desperate situation. Me, the hope broker had lost hope. Had no words. Shocking. I know…

I had been encouraged by my Writers Block Group to write anyway but my emotions were seriously hijacked at that time. Like completely frozen except for the tears. Those tears didn’t feel like healing tears at all. They felt like overwhelming tears of despair. Have you ever been there? Frozen in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what was on the road ahead, fear of being defeated. It was deafening and I couldn’t shake the feeling of despair no matter how I tried. The fear of “what if “had wrapped itself around me and took me for a bumpy ride. Now that’s one heck of a hijacked emotion because it belongs to the enemy. That emotion had just hitchhiked its way into my car, my mind, along with a few of its forceful friends. I like to refer to them as the deadly “D”s. Like, derailed, disappointed, discouraged, defeated, diverted and downright, downtrodden. I had been spiritually and emotionally hijacked.

Now friends, I knew there wasn’t enough room in my car for all of these “daggum” deadly “D”s but I couldn’t figure out how to kick them out at the time nor how to get back on the road that was destined for me. They seemed to be masquerading as the ones in charge and deafening the communication I desperately needed from my Driver, The Lord. My Pilot if you will .

So we, all the deadly D”s, drove around like that for far to many months. That my friends was not a fun ride. Like at all. I felt like I had been expropriated, taken away by force.

The truth is this. I had entertained one dark thought, giving it permission to land in my mind, drive my emotions and that gave way to another and yet another. Before I knew what had hit me or hijacked me , if you will, I was unable to disable or prevent the attack of the enemy. I had given those hideous hijackers the keys to drive my car.

Moral to this story.

If we’re not mindful, watchful and make certain that our emotions align with what Gods word says, we are subject to being emotionally and spiritually hijacked.

Decide today to put Him in the drivers seat because anything under His control will never be out-of-control.

If any of this resonates with you, don’t get in that car, plane or train until you’ve checked your emotions in with the Driver. ✅

Stay safe and secure my friends,


2 thoughts on “Hijacked Emotions”

  1. Thanks again Cheryl for your insight. We’ve all been there. Some just don’t understand the enemy. We are not fighting flesh and blood, but we’re in a spiritual war, daily. As Calvin said; “Know your enemy, and he is us.”.


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