He ALWAYS keeps His Promises


Tonight, I stand in awe of His promises …

As I silently process the last 3 years… 5/19/16-5/19/19 , I am reminded once again of Gods promises! This very day ,3 years ago, unbeknownst to me, changed the trajectory of my life. When I finally found a safe place to live, it was as if God said, “Yes, this place will be your home… “With much trepidation and counsel I moved forward into the unknown.

4 months later, after living with the best of friends who literally loved me back to life, I found this sweet haven. I was unsure and scared beyond reason but God knew.

He sends signs to us if we’ll only look.

I looked hard. When I found this little place, I think I brought everyone and their brother to see it just to be sure I was in the best and safest place.

I trembled with both fear and hope of the future.

I walked out onto the balcony,looked out at the lake,turned back to go inside when my my friend said to me ,”Look behind you!”

I saw a beautiful rainbow off the balcony of what would be ,4 months later, my very own balcony of which I still reside today!

God showered me with a beautiful rainbow that day and then again today,as a reminder that He ALWAYS keeps His promises!

You have no idea but my heart so needed that today!

Honestly,I have no clue what lies ahead for me and ,at times ,it’s quite scary but these timely reminders remind me that He’s got me and that my future is, indeed ,in His hands…

NO doubt!🙏🏻

#fulloffeelingstonight #bestillandknow


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