Door of Hope

It was nearly 3 years ago that I found myself walking through this door!

With great uncertainty of what the future was to hold, I found myself seeking a quiet, peaceful and serene place to stay to process the grief, the loss and the pain…this is what I just happened upon while on Anna Maria Island!

It was a total set up by the One who, without notice, held the door wide open. Truthfully, He had held it open all along, but I was unaware because I kept trying to unlock the door that had been sealed shut, more accurately, slammed shut.

I didn’t know it at that moment but it definitely represented a door of hope and I was just about to step into it!

I had just left a rather intense counseling session that day and knew I needed to be alone to journal my journey. It was a healing way to step out of my painful past and present situation and look into the gate of the future.

Did you know that He closes doors for you? When He does no man can open them.(Is.22:22)When he closes a door it is to keep us on the other side of making a wrong decision or choosing the path that leads to our destruction.

I knew had to get away to process some hard stuff but I didn’t know where to go so I just drove to my happy place. The beach. My favorite beach. It’s as if I can hear from God in a deeper way when I sit and just listen to the oceans roar and the winds become a whisper. It’s also the place that He feels he has my undivided attention and affection and gently whispers to my wounded heart as if to heal it.

And He always does.


Back to the doors that He closes…

The doors that He has closed in your life are for a reason. Often they are for your protection.They are not to harm you but they are for your good. Always. You may not know what’s on the other side of the door in front of you, but I know and have experienced firsthand ,that it will, indeed, be a blessing to you if you dare step though to the other side.

Kind of scary to step over the threshold of the unknown I know but opening that door is an opportunity to step into Gods best life for you.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I often return to the island because its where this journey to discovering and uncovering the heart of the “true” me began. Yesterday, while I visiting Anna Maria Island, my dear friend, mentor,and counselor wanted to see where I went that day 3 years ago this June. It was an enchanting and memorable moment as we entered that gate.

I was able to look back at that “painfully joyous” season and reflect on the goodness God and just how far He has brought me thus far.

What if I had not dared to open that door of uncertainty that became a door to hope? What if I had wallowed in doubt and fear of the future? What if I had listened to that false fear of the future? What if I had not trusted the One who had graciously yet gingerly held open that door of hope open for me to walk though?

Where would I be today? Sitting behind the darkened door of the past instead of sitting in the light of the future.

The Word says, “Fear NOT for I AM with you! Be not afraid, For I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ( Ps. 41:10) That’s the hand that He holds the door of hope open to to all of us, including you.

Won’t you take a walk with me through it my friend?

With much love and grace,


2 thoughts on “Door of Hope”

  1. I looks like a soothing place. It’s been said that we have to keep knocking on doors until He opens the right one. We may say, “Is it this one?, or is it that one?” We have to listen for His answer, because if we don’t, and go through the door we think will be the right one, we will have disappointment and sometimes pain. We do need to get alone by ourself and just talk to God and “listen” for that still, small voice. Then, we have to obey without question.

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