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About yesterday…❤️

(Before the relapse of the flu/bronchitis)

I felt so honored to host and facilitate a book study at my home for the day!

💔 ~LOST HEART ~ ❤️

This is not just another book but a guide to living from your heart in a broken world! 💗💕

When I first met Pat Stark, a few years back, the author and now one of my dearest friends, I was one heck of a broken mess! Living in my broken world and not sure how to get out of it! I couldn’t make sense of it as I had always “tried” to do all the “right” things only seemingly to have failed time and again.

I felt hopelessly trapped until I started “doing the work”to really discover who I am,flaws and all!

I would journey over to Lakeland every month, because why? I’m worth the time and investment and she’s so worth the drive! 😍She has over 40 years of helping people get “unstuck” and walk into their true and beautiful identity! 💗

To face myself, as I saw my faulty self, wasn’t easy, BUT the rewards have, by far, outweighed the tears!😅 #freedom2bme

God has used her in such a safe way, my heart started to beat again,like it did when I was a little girl before the wounds.

Of course ,as a forerunner , I have to be authentic,vulnerable and real enough to dare to share!

My heart has been to share my journey to wholeness and healing with everyone seeking the same! 💞

That’s why I started inviting her to come to my home every couple of months just so others could experience the real love that I have!

I believe every woman that I’ve had the honor to introduce to Pat has or will never be the same!

Can’t go to Lakeland, order her new guide on Amazon or you can order from my blog ! 👇

Scroll down to ‘Born to Fly’ and you can order her first book as well!

I’ll be posting next time I have her over for a gathering. If you’re interested,PM me.

It’s easy reading yet thought provoking! Get real and you’ll become the real deal!

It you will lead you into the freedom you desire and deserve!

The freedom that Jesus died for!

You are forever,unconditionally ,passionately and deeply loved!

Much L❤️VE and grace,

Cheryl 😘

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