Exchanging toxic thoughts…

Ever been in a funk?🙄

Have any of you ever had a recurring ”toxic thought” about yourself?! 🙄

I have.

Vulnerable post here. 🤔

Since I have been doing this 21 day “toxic thought” detox with Dr.Caroline Leaf, I realize that I’ve come a long way in my belief system and yet I still have a ways to go…😵

As I was journaling and releasing what I thought was my toxic thought, an ugly “addendum”immediately came to mind that apparently was buried deep within. 😱

For years I never thought I was enough… that WAS a given due to what I grew up believing. Until the real truth was downloaded into my heart and not my head, about who I really am and how He sees me, that toxic thought owned me.

I knew I had to do something otherwise this cycle would repeat itself again and again and I didn’t want to live in that stagnant place anymore. I started to invest in …me! Imagine that if you will. I used to think that it was so selfish to do anything for yourself… toxic thought 1,000,001 !Something that had been all together foreign to the old codependent and people pleaser way of thinking became a comfortable friend over time.

That particular faulty belief system no longer takes up residence or valuable space in my brain or rules my heart any more. 💞

I now know that I AM enough.

But after uncovering the little ugly “addendum”that morning, the one that has been reoccurring has really shaken me to my core! I thought i was done with that… Truth is, if we’re not learning, we’re not growing!

I’m having a hard time shaking this one BUT shake it I will!


I dig in deeper ! You must too if you desire freedom i your most inward parts.

God knows my deepest desire and the dream of each heart. I don’t believe that He would deposit “it” so deep within our spirit if He has not gifted and equipped us for it.🙋🏻‍♀️

We have to somehow learn how to unwrap the gifting and use it to bring hope to others and glory to The One who gave it to us…🎁

Retraining the brain isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it! It’s called personal development which at times is uncomfortable!😬

So here I sit, in it, digging in, dissecting and dispelling the lie that I’m enough but I’m NOT good enough to “BE”…a good writer, blogger, leader, mentor, speaker,partner etc.

I will stand on His Word ..!💞

Will you stand with me?

“He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it!”(Phil.1:6) ❤️

2 thoughts on “Exchanging toxic thoughts…”

  1. I have been there myself, as have many. I began my journey in personal development 8 years ago while undergoing cancer treatments. Let’s just say there was nothing else I had the energy to do, and between God’s Word, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie and Darren Hardy, my quest began and is still going. I’ve added Dani Johnson, now. God makes us for success, maybe not success in man’s definition, by God’s definition, and His is the only one that ultimately counts. I have learned that when I don’t think I am good enough in some aspect of my life and/or career, I have a choice to make. It is whether to quit, or to learn, to invest in myself. I have the “curse” of being a perfectionist, which keeps me from beginning things that I want to do, because I am afraid that I won’t do them perfectly the first time. That is the devil speaking to me and robbing me of the joy of completing the task. I have to learn what needs to be done to master the task, or at least get better at it. God created us with a beautiful mind, and we are to use it for His glory. I have to not be afraid of failure, and the professional development gurus state that failure is good, that we should, as one says, “Fail ourselves to success.” Here is a quote that a classmate sent me this morning that I think is appropriate:
    “Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.” ~ Winston Churchill ~

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