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Make Room

Truth is, we all make room for what’s most important to us. We do. There is no doubt about it. Its a proven fact…

We will find “space” for what we treasure. We make time for what we truly want in this life.

You here it all the time. “I’m too busy, there isn’t enough time in the day, I’ve got to much to do, I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that, running to and fro, etc…” I’ve been guilty of this myself especially lately until this song stopped me in my tracks.

Whoa, I was so convicted!

Convicted but not shamed.Jesus would not do that! He waits patiently for my invitation to come. He’s been my first Love for nearly 40 years now but through different seasons in my life, I’ve not set the table nor invited Him to come sit and dine with me. I was just to busy doing “other things.”

Figuratively and literally!

There have been times I didn’t want to invite Him in because, honestly, I knew I wasn’t making Him my #1 priority. I was choosing my way over His way. Time and time again I was trying to juggle to many plates and wouldn’t end up preparing the table at all…there was just no room for Him in my inn.

Because, you know, I had other priorities. Like my will, my way, my ego, my plans, my schedule, my itinerary, my attitude. Little by little I kept pushing Him out of my space. My space was fully occupied and the “no vacancy”sign hung in the window of my soul.

That window was cracked.

True confessions…

I kept moving Him over instead of the other way around. I felt more and more distant from the One who loves me most. I stopped making room for Him at my table. Maybe this resonates with you too. I don’t know, but it felt like something good was missing .The aroma of my space wasn’t the same. Seriously, the “good food” and drink of the living water was missing and my soul was starving and thirsty!

The flavor of His Love never forces its way upon us or invites itself into our space.He will not enter where He is not invited. He’s a gentleman like that and waits for an invitation to come and sup with us.

It’s pretty much up to us to decide if we want to allow Him to move all those other things over to make room for Him.

Ultimately, we always have the choice whether we will make room for Him and prepare a table for two!

My hope is that this powerful song touches your heart as it did mine and you too will make room for Him.

I pray that you’ll ask Him to dine with you on a daily basis and truly enjoy the rich fellowship that only He bring to the table!

Bask in it!

Album available on iTunes

Take a few minutes to listen to this powerful love song !

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