Tis The Season to Create a Christmas Experience

With tears of both joy and sorrow streaming down my face, I remember Christmas’ past. The feelings and emotions swirl through my head as I carefully unwrap the two most prized ornaments I’ve ever received! This one serves as poetic reminder of the the years long past. These are now the most valuable treasured ornaments that I hold closest to my heart. One of the few things I have left from my parents. Their signatures. On an ornament, no less, given to me just last year by my sweet niece!

To think that I almost lost them!!! Just last week, I realized I lost an entire storage bin of Christmas decorations! Vanished. I about panicked. Not because of the money I had spent but the memories that had been lost! I’m so thankful these two were not among the missing! I had just started collecting new Christmas memories again after having left the past ones in the past. You know what I mean.

I can’t get those years back or time with loved ones who have moved into heavens home but I can keep the memories alive. Some through old photos, some by little token gifts, some are even felt through certain scents,sights and sounds. There’s always one Christmas song that undoes me every year. This year it happens to be The Little Drummer Boy… How about you? Do you have a song or a memory that stirs your heart, maybe even brightens your Christmas spirit? If so,sing it out or relish in it!

This one gets me every time too. The rich earthy scent of a fresh pine tree being cut down? It always reminds me of when we used to dig up our own Christmas tree, sometimes out of the frozen solid ground,for real, and drag it in the house, pine needles strewn everywhere. Tinsel too. The homemade ornaments hung as low as the eye could see and the gifts, though few, were wrought with such care. Those are what meant more than words could ever express. Being with family, making our yearly Christmas drive to my grandparents ginormous home in Vermont ( or at least I thought it was way back then) and then of course, celebrating Jesus birthday, the biggest reason for the season. That was Christmas.

And me praying with folded hands of course.🙏🏻😅

Creating memories. Creating experiences,creating a legacy is the best gift one can ever give. Its also the best gift to be received. If you really think about it, Jesus created the first Christmas Experience and we get to recreate it year after year.

Forever etched into my memory are the little things. You know, the things that matter most! The things that may seem insignificant to the average onlooker may hold a treasured place in your heart. Keep them close. Little things like the handwriting of my parents,which had never given thought to ,until they no longer wrote. I’ve got to admit though, my Dad had the most beautiful handwriting of anyone I’d ever seen. Wouldn’t you agree?

The last several years, when life seemed to be falling apart, it was then that everything really started falling back into place.That was huge a turning point for me. ALL THE THINGS DIDN’T MATTER much. I actually mattered to people. My love language has always been gift giving and acts of service but quite honestly, it was out of my own need that I would give…

Any-who, that’s another blog, for another day. Point being, I became intentional about creating more Christmas Memories or Christmas Experiences if you will. Not only on special occasions, however special they are, but moment by moment experiences. I want my children, my grandchildren , my friends and family to remember the memories and experiences of which I afforded them not the gifts that I gave them. Truthfully, they rarely remember those anyway…I know I didn’t but I sure did remember going to my grandparents to go tobogganing, learn to ski the bunny slopes, crazy colored snow man making, freeze while creating snow angels and the list goes on. Be it by myself, family, loved ones,friends or at times, even strangers, I now look for opportunities, and we all have them, to make a memory, an experience that will forever remind loved ones of how you lived and loved in your life.

Someday, that is all we’ll have and that it all matters.

Now get out there and create some new Christmas memories or otherwise!

Love well, live large, laugh much my friends!

1 thought on “Tis The Season to Create a Christmas Experience”

  1. Nicely written Sis 🙂 xo P.S. I remember the train track across the street from Mamere’s too. Also, the “Candy” store in town.


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