Truthfully, my heart has been racing all week. Writing this particular blog, I’ve stopped and started, taken a breather, felt blocked myself and had to do a major heart check. Our heart muscle needs oxygen and the proper nutrients to live life to the fullest. That being said, lets not gamble with our hearts health.

Let’s take a look at what may stop the flow to the chambers of our heart instead.

Bare with me as I outline and expose the essentials of this storyline.

Hope is the anchor of every soul. What happens when that hope has been anchored on the wrong shore? The unknown deadened or darkened shore. We know that hope deferred makes the heart sick… Where does one go when the anchor of their soul has been drug down to the darkest part of the oceans floor?

Sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it ? If our hearts aren’t anchored in the hope of all Hopes, we’ll be drug along the oceans floor, believing that the storm will overtake us. Often times we are tossed to and fro by the storms of life and the waves of adversity which in turn, can cause the heart muscle to spasm, tighten up and turn dark.

Listen up friends. Storms of life are sure to come because we live in a fallen world. However, we don’t have to live in a hopeless state of mind. We can live and move from a heart full of hope even when our circumstances or situations seem hopeless. Trust me, I know …

Let’s go deeper, shall we?

I’m living proof of a heart no longer arrested and no longer requiring resuscitation…

Let’s uncover the truths about the intricacies of our hearts’ health and how that affects our hope, the anchor of our soul. There are a few mechanics of the heart that must first be addressed before we find our true anchor of hope, our true unashamed heart.

More so than not, when our hearts have been broken, ripped apart, robbed of oxygen or life per se, feeling like we can’t breathe or go on, we become susceptible to heart disease. If we deny its pain, a silent heart attack is eminent.

There are three particular chambers of the heart that need to be in balance before our heart beats in harmony with its owner. You. You are the owner and keeper of your heart. You are responsible to keep the blood flowing. You are the muscle to whether your heart beats or not. So what happens when the chambers of your heart stop functioning in the capacity they were designed for? What happens when you’re hearts flow is blocked?

I’m going to break it down for you in good ol’ hospital terms. Ready?

CODE BLUE happens.

The first chamber of the heart is your emotional health. Our emotional health has to be of top priority. TOP! I refer to it as the main vein, the coronary artery. The chamber of the heart that feeds the others , life or death. Without it, our heart will malfunction or quite possibly, flatline, better known as cardiac or respiratory arrest….enter CODE BLUE.

In a world where we dismiss the condition of ones true heart for a counterfeit one,we set ourselves up for Code blue…an emotional emergency. Until we get in touch with the emotional part of our wounded heart we’ll never TRULY heaL…

We may be able to put a bandage over our bleeding heart temporarily but, in time, the wound will, undoubtedly, reopen again. This time, possibly hemorrhaging on everything and everyone. Yeah, I did that…

Until you press the call button and ask for help ,The “Code Team” won’t force themselves on you. For me personally, I knew I needed help so I called on them. My personal Code Team was an abundance of counselors. The Word itself says that victory is won in the abundance and safety of advisors. The journey to a whole heart began when I was willing to expose my bleeding and broken heart BUT only in a safe place and with safe people. That is critical to your hearts emotional health.

I believe that as we actually get real, and by that I mean, come out of denial of our hearts pain, we will begin to heal and our hearts will be in sync with Gods original design. His heart has always been to bind up the broken hearted and proclaim liberty to the captives! As we begin to heal we can then take a closer look at the other chambers of the heart that need attention.

If you really think about it, the other chambers of your heart, you’re physical health and your spiritual health won’t pump properly if your emotional health is in jeopardy.

The longer you ignore and sadly, ignore we do, the warning signs of a wounded heart, the more severe and often sudden is the attack.

I want you to know that this journey to a fully beating and fully alive heart is an ongoing process. Our physical heart, our spiritual heart and our emotional heart need real (TLC) tender loving care on a daily basis to avoid the Code Blue call…

Maybe it’s time for you to stand for hope. Stand for you! The hope that is standing up inside and wanting to find its pathway to your true heart. That anchor of hope within you desires a landing place. Your heart is that place. No more dragging the most valuable part of you, your hearts hope ,on the oceans floor,to be tossed to and fro by every wind. Instead, steady your heart my friend. Maybe ,just maybe, it’s time for a little heart surgery so your heart beats the very way it was designed to from the beginning.

Obviously, I’m not a Cardiologist but I do know the best Doctor ! The Good Doctor ( Jesus) is always on call.

Much love from my beating heart to yours! ❤️

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