Time to Reset

Setting your clock back an hour today or forward an hour in the spring, really doesn’t matter in the end.

After spending a few days watching my grandchildren this week, I’ve had a unnerving and rather haunting revelation about the very concept of time. We’ll never get it back, that’s a given. For some reason, this thing called time has really hit me hard today. It resonated deep within my soul to the point of tears. Maybe it’s because I’m alone and I miss the sound of their little footprints, smudgy little fingerprints and the constant chitter chatter that echoed throughout my house or maybe its the fact that time is slipping away day by day. There’s no going back in time I know. I found myself writing in this mornings post, that “grandchildren fill the spaces that our children once occupied.” Thats when it hit me. Hard. What seemed to be unexplained tears, I sat down and really processed my feelings about the passage of time. I had to write, if not for you, for me.

If only I could redeem the time. If only I could redeem the past. If only I could redeem the time that escaped me without realizing it would be gone forever. If only I could have had more time with my children… But obviously, I can’t.If only’s in life will rob you of your present time! Knowing what I know now, I’d definitely do life differently for sure. I remember as a young mother it seemed like there was never enough time to get everything done lest spend quality time with my children. There was always a task or two or more like a million at hand. Especially if you were or are a single mother or Dad. You just do what you have to do and keep going not really having any regard to the concept of time. Unaware of its brevity, time just seems to simply fly by. Then it’s gone. Then the children are grown and gone as it ought to be, right? As natural as this evolution of time is, the older we get, the greater awareness we have and appreciation we have on who and how we spend our fast approaching appointed time. I may not be able to get that time back with my children but I can redeem the time with my grandchildren.

When time has skillfully eluded itself with its all encompassing pastimes, because everything becomes a past time after its taken place, we miss out on its true value. The value of this present moment. Today. We have no guarantee for a “time at large.” We have only been given this time, this moment, this present day. The beauty of this present day and all its gifts are what matter now. Right now. Oh, how I wish time would stand still but it won’t.

From where I’m sitting now, in my rocking chair( not because I’m super old but because I enjoy it) on my balcony, a harvest candle burning brightly, soft praise music in the background,a fountain flowing below, I sit still, in silence, pondering. Be still and know that I am God. Everything is done in My timing….

I began pondering my own mortality and time left on this side of heaven. How shall I spend it, and with whom and on what? I know this is a rather weighty subject yet I know the importance of the changing of time. This may sound morbid to you but the truth is, God’s already given and graced me with a good 3/4 of my life. My desire of course, is to live life to the fullest Every. Single. Day. Like I always say, “I want to be live life fully alive until I die.” I started saying and living that way once my Dad time was up on this side of heaven. It did something in me at that time. I know God has already set a time, a date to meet us face to face and we haven’t a clue as to when. Only He does. You, my friend, no matter how you try and try you may, can’t change that time. It belongs to the Author of time Himself.

Did you know that He’s actually quite jealous and yearns for time with you, spent on this side of heaven?

Yup, its all true! This is another one of my favorite passages in His Word.He desires to spend time with me? The God of all time yearns for my time. I have a feeling that it’s much like that of a mother longing to spend time with her children, grandchildren or loved one. We yearn for more time, to take back time, to even live on borrowed time if we must, however our time is in His hands.

Of course, it’s been said that time stands still for no man. Time doesn’t wait until you are ready to receive it. Rather,time beckons us to come, no actually, time forces us into the present moment whether were prepared for it or not. Time doesn’t stop to contemplate its next moment. Time truly is of the essence. People say all the time, don’t waste time on this or that. I’m not a proponent for wasting of time per se but I want to challenge you to waste as much time on what’s most important to you in this moment, this life, here and now! Whether its your relationship with The Lord, your loved one, your children, your grandchildren, your fur babies, your ministry, your calling in this life, whatever time has offered you, don’t waste it! God is the keeper of all time. You are the hands of time. He’s the pendulum of time and longs to ensure that you move at the right pace, second by second. Only He can redeem lost time on your clock. I believe this is your God given time to rise up and grab hold and take back your clock. Don’t set it back or forward, simply live in the present moment with Him swinging the pendulum, not you.

I realize that in this life, if certain things are not done in a timely manner, we can’t escape the penalties of time wasted, right? Have you been a prisoner to your time? What you take time for, literally becomes,you. Maybe,its time to throw your old clock away and reset your time and align it with His. He’s always on time you know!

One last thought. Don’t allow your family to be a penalty of ill managed time, instead make them a priority of your time. How we invest in this present passage of time, NOW, will indeed determine how your mainsprings unwind!

The time is NOW!

3 thoughts on “Time to Reset”

  1. I can appreciate your thoughts on “time”. I certainly ponder the same thing. When one looks ahead and they have maybe 10 years left on this earth, it gives a different perspective. I have looked back and thought what a waste of time I have had. I can beat myself up many times over.

    I realize that God is in control. He knows what we have been through, and has actually allowed the things to happen that I feel were a waste of time. I can look on that as learning, training me for His tasks in my life.

    I don’t know the people I’ve touched for the better. I will never know until I reach my eternal home. As I sit here alone, I realize what true loneliness can be. You see, I have had no spouse, children to be blessed with, no brothers or sisters and my parents are dead. It’s not all bad. When I went through cancer 8 years ago, I learned that God was right with me the whole way, and I know now that He is here now. If I die tonight, I know that I will wake up to a new, glorious home for eternity. There will be nothing but love all around me. There will be no time, no darkness. Only light and the love of everyone there. I will get to hug Jesus and tell Him face to face that I love Him. I try not to look back, as that is not the way to go. Always look forward, never in the rear view mirror. (That’s a nice little phrase), I do have this inner yearning to accomplish “something”. When, where, and how I do not know. What He has been training me for will one day appear, and I will be ready for it.

    Today at church, there were couples that spoke on the little babies they adopted, babies that were given a life, a life with a family that would raise them with love and with Jesus in the home. How fortunate for those little babies. There are so many babies and children that have no parents and grandparents, but would really love to have a family. That broke my heart. Some of those children will never know the love of a family, the holiday dinners and gatherings, and their traditions. You are so blessed to have those children and grandchildren that you can love on. They need your time and love. They will have such good memories of their loving family. Show them Jesus in your life, which I think you are doing. After you are gone, they will look back…and smile, a smile with good memories.


    1. Don, thank you so much for sharing your true heart! ❤️ I realize just how blessed I am and it takes my breath away and tears fall freely! He’s Redeemed and restored so much in my life and I feel compelled to share HIS STORY revealed through this redeemed soul!
      I can hardly wait until that day I can see Him and hug him face to face! I know you’ll know what He’s been training you for all along! Though we haven’t yet met, I know you’re a strong man of integrity and purpose!!!Many blessings to you my friend!


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