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As I sat there in the counselors office feeling all the D”S… You know the ones. Dejected, defeated, depressed, dispirited, depleted, discouraged, I finally mustered up the nerve to ask what I thought was a simple question. One that would provide the answers I was searching for. With a slight shrug of my shoulders, I simply and matter of factly asked if there was another book she recommend I read. I figured that would help me with my present situation. Simple enough, right? Boy was I wrong!

Good thing Jesus loves this hot mess…

Famous last words from one of my counselor that day …

” Cheryl, I think you’re very well spoken, no doubt, intellectual and you’re quite the voracious reader… BUT I feel its time you dig in and do the work…! ” These were a few of the random thoughts that were all but swirling in my mind at that moment. “Whatever do you mean lady? Do the work? I thought I was! I got myself here didn’t I?” Just tell me what to read next…

Truth be told, I wanted a quick fix to ALL my problems. I didn’t really want to dig in and do the work I just wanted to read more about the work! Actually doing the work would require more of me than I thought I could give at that time. My love tank had been depleted and I was running on fumes. I didn’t know if I had it in me to do the work.

Well now, how is it that we can break free from old patterns and faulty belief systems so we can be the ” best version of ourselves” if we’re not willing to take the time and do the work.

Apparently this is the big deal these days. To be the “best version of yourself” that is. It’s all the rage . You know, to be the true you. To be authentic, vulnerable, to be unapologetically you…yada,yada,yada…

I get it BUT…

The truth is, that’s all good but there is a cost involved. The cost involves losing your old self in exchange for a better version of who you desire to be. Who you were originally designed to become. There’s a catch though.

You have to dig in and do the work to uncover the lies about who you believed you were. You have to dismantle those lies in order to wear the mantle you were given right along with your birthright.

But how?

I’m going walk with you along this journey if you’ll allow me the honor.

If you’re anything like I was, I believed a lot of lies that had been filtered down over the years. I even silently spoke those lies over myself as they became, me.

But not the me I deeply desired to be. There was the “man made” me NOT THE GOD MADE me. This may resonate with a few if not hundreds of you I think. I knew I was made for more so I often felt frustrated and defeated deep inside so I settled for a mediocre me. I didn’t have to do the work...That was safe… Truth is, I didn’t know how to do the work, to reach in and take hold of the greatness that God had deposited in me since the beginning of time. Yes, I yearned for and hungered for more. I knew all along there was more to me than what meets the eye but I honestly couldn’t figure out how to navigate through the wasteland to find her.

That is when I reached out and sought help. Lots of help. Do you know its okay, actually biblical ,to ask for help and seek counsel,right? The Word says,there is victory in the abundance of counselors! (Prov.11:14) Victory for this girl?

I could see it and even passionately believe for others behalf but deep down inside I struggled with believing it was really possible for this girl. Why is that? Because of the faulty foundation upon which I had been groomed. I had to learn how to rewrite the script and retrain my brain but first I had to go back in time to the place that I took on a counterfeit role of being me. I had to do the work. I’m talking the dirty work.

I’m not suggesting that you do this strenuous “exercise” alone however. Just like when you want to get physically fit, you need instruction, you need to stretch, you need weight training ,you may even hire a trainer, and most definitely , you need a plan of action, a strategy so to speak. Many of us were not given a blueprint to follow. It’s up to us to make our own, to search out the one that will lead us to our original design. In essence, you have to do the work if you want to reap the rewards of finding your design. Or you’ll end up defeated and with some degree of “paresis.” Friends, you have no other choice. No one can do this work for you. They can only come along side you, to counsel you, encourage you and keep you accountable. They are your people! Find them! They are essentially, your “tribe”!

But again,it is you that has to dig in and DO THE WORK necessary to uncover the real deal. The unequivocal beauty of being you!

My healing and finding my true identity didn’t happen overnight. Nope, not for this girl. It’s taken over 5 years of digging in the dirt to uncover the diamond that was buried deep within. That would be me. That will be you if you don’t quit on yourself. Heads up here…. I want to inject a “not responsible” disclaimer here as to the work thats required of you and the digging deep part that I can not do for you. I was so uncomfortable that I wanted to quit many a time. You’re gonna want to quit on yourself. Don’t!!! I may have been a slow learner (a stubborn no less ) however my God is always on time. No one, in their right mind anyway, enjoys the pain of doing the work or working out, right? …Unless of course you’re my trainer. But that my friends is another story.

I became relentless in the pursuit of finding me. Gods girl. I did the work and continue to do the work from the inside out! I had denied myself the luxury of my own freedom by playing small. By playing the martyr, the rescuer, the enabler ,the good Christian, I wasn’t being true to myself. The real me that is. The one with lots of flaws, faults and failures BUT IS RIDICULOUSLY LOVED ANYWAY! That girl. Gods’ girl.

You won’t really know you’re Gods girl until you dig in and do the work for yourself. You’re so worth it! Not because I said so, but because He does! Over and over and not just in the Word, but by THE WORK THAT HE DID on your behalf. He already did the work, for you and for me. We must align ourselves with the finished work and what that looks like. You are totally worth doing the work my friends! Because He already did the work, He’s able to come along side you, be with the old you, weep with you, grieve with you, comfort you , speak to you and give to you the grace to walk it out and do the work. This seemingly daunting journey of finding the new and authentic you is worth it because you’re never alone on this journey. He is with you to lead you into your victory, your best self.

Once again, just in case you already forgot, He says you were totally worth the work that He already accomplished on the cross! Digging deep and doing the work is likened unto coming up out of the darkened grave and stepping into the light. Your very own light! Its time to become a lighthouse! Light up your world with the beauty of you!

🎼 This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…!” 🎼

God’s girl, don’t you think its time you dig in and do the work and let your light shine?

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