A Home for Every Season

Its seems like just yesterday that I moved into my, “Safe Place”, my apartment home. Today marks my 2nd anniversary! I can hardly believe it’s been 2 years already!I call it my refuge, my home sweet home.

Call me strange, but I like to give my “homes” a name. All of the ones I can recall anyway!

I’ve lost track of how many places I’ve lived over the last 40 years but what I do I remember are many of their names! You know how some homes evoke certain memories, as if a scent is still lingering in the air, well mine represented certain seasons for sure, hence their ensuing names.

No matter how big or how small they were, their names reflected the season of life that I happened to be living in. I felt I had to make the best out of every living situation I found myself in and to do so,I had to make it personally fitting. Somehow.

There was one place, when we moved into a rather tiny duplex, I thought we had arrived. Seriously! After having to move 7 times in less than seven years, I was ecstatic to have a place to call home. As were my children. I was thrilled to sleep on the day bed that also served as a couch in the living room so my girls and son could have a room. Thrilled!!! I had always dreamed of having the perfect home, the one with a white picket fence… you know the one I’m sure. Well, I went out and bought a three inch tall by maybe 10 feet long, little white picket fence to line the the driveway of our duplex. It did not look anything like this one but might as well have…I was so proud of our new beginning.

Never wanted to be a stranger in my own home or anyone else’s for that matter. Especially where my children were concerned. Even though they had no choice in the matter and had no idea just how poor we really were, I wanted to make it, wherever we laid our heads, as homey as possible. There were many years that I shopped at garage sales or more times than not, we were recipients of other peoples no longer needed treasures, otherwise known as hand me downs, furniture included. Yet, I was truly thankful for whatever was given to us. I knew I could make it warm and inviting, regardless.Warmth always came from abiding in His presence, not in the things you have. The actual making of making it inviting, however comes from being extremely resourceful! That is really all it takes. Oh and one other thing… A positive mindset instead a poverty mindset.

Even though we didn’t have a home to call our own for many years and we were all but homeless a few times, we never went without. Ever.

Whether it was living in a room, without a view, tucked away within a garage,with 3 little ones in tow, or living in a beautiful lake house, it didn’t matter. You don’t need much to make your little space beautiful you know. It is important to make your space, your place. Name it if you want ! Even if you live in a mansion, you can make it warm and inviting! Make it the warmest part of you. Home is where you’re heart is, right?You don’t even need that much really. Things don’t matter as much as the ambiance. Fresh flowers,the delicate scent of an infused oils, the sound of peaceful music, even the echoing sound and pitter patter of little feet,colored pictures displayed on the refrigerator, fingerprints included, are what make a house a home. Often times, I have found less of more, is best.

Like the apostle Paul, I know what it means to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned over time, that the secret is being content in every and all situations, whether being well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.(Phil.4:12)

No matter where we were, I always wanted it to feel like it was somehow, our home. Not just a room, an attached suite, a rental, temporary housing for a misplaced homemaker, my mother’s home, my brothers investment, a furnished basement, or a friends Florida room, I longed for a place to call home. So I named them as though they were mine. As I recall, each one evoked a certain memory and feelings around the different seasons of life I found myself in.

Here are just a few of the “homes” that my heart took up residence. One of the first was family home in Shady Grove, Jaffa Place, Coldstream then there was another that I lovingly called my little nest,yet another was my little piece of heaven, my peaceful place, my lily pad, my love shack, my secret place, my lake house my refuge, and now, my safe little place. I’m sure I’ve skipped a few but each and every one has served as a reminder that wherever your heart is, there is your home.

After all, home is where your heart is…❤️ Make it yours!

1 thought on “A Home for Every Season”

  1. I too as a single mom always made a cozy warm home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a home cozy. I loved my duplex with my son i didn’t have much money myself but as long as i could pay my bills and have foodon the table i was very content. Today i have what i call a modest house but it is very warm and welcoming. At least it’s what iam always told. My kitchen however is another story. I am still waiting on that however i have beautiful land and a fun english pub so what do ihave to complain about. I say shabby chic. Thank goodness that’s in so people think i do it on purpose lol. I was totally like you but had it not quite as bad. I guess we all wanted the white picket fence. Well you have been on such a journey throughout your life. Now it is your time to enjoy.


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