Personal Development

Every Day Courage

Tell your heart to take courage my friend.

Every day courage leads to every day confidence!

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are!” E.E.Cummins

Within the heart of every day courage lies the true you! It takes courage to grow! Growth spurts can be quite painful as we know! But through the growth cycle,the stature of confidence begins to stands tall! I’m absolutely living proof of that!

The old me used to try to hide in the background of life! For real…I felt much more comfortable in my skin if I went unnoticed.Invisible.

Why? Because I had no deep down “real”confidence in myself.

That thing called confidence eluded me for decades! I know I missed out on opportunities that were right in front of me! Not because I didn’t have the ability or gifting but because I lacked in confidence!

That’s all changed…

I’ve got a handle on this thing called courage now! With courage,comes confidence.So this thing called confidence is coming more naturally now. Confidence is the state of feeling certain about the truth of something…a feeling of assurance arising from ones appreciation of ones own abilities or qualities!

It’s found in learning the truth about who we are and how He made us and for what purpose!

If those truths are foreign to us, we may wander into the field of fear where confidence has no to room to grow. I know. I lived in that field of fear for way to long!

Who we think we are,who we say we are,who we believe we are,we become.

That is so true.

The Bible clearly says,”As a man thinketh in his heart,so is he.” (Prov.23:7)

I had some “stinkin thinkin” for sure until I had the courage to look at why? Why and where did it originate? I had to wrestle through the battlefield of my mind. Retraining your brain is no easy task when you’ve believed lies for so long.

It takes courage to turn the page of the past. But I had to if I wanted to move forward. The past was all I knew, it was familiar,even comfortable at times.It also takes courage to turn the page toward the future. This is the page in my life where I’ve learned to set my intentions higher.

Realizing my past most definitely doesn’t define me anymore and my future is not yet written, I’m learning to rest in the now. That too has taken courage for me. To simply sit in the present and just be…well,present.

To be a courageous sojourner in the present place, no matter where it is or who it’s with, takes a lot of letting go of whatif’s and trusting your inner man, your heart. It’s not someone else of something else that gives you the courage or confidence!

Noooo…it comes from knowing who you are, knowing your worth and accepting and appreciating your god given qualities!

Nobody has the power to give or take away your confidence unless you give it over to them.

I love this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent!”

Apparently, over the years, I consented A LOT!

But not anymore!

Recently a friend said to me, “By looking at your photos, I see such a difference in you. You look really happy! So radiant! You’re glowing!”

Why thank you very much!


Be assured, it’s NOT because of any one person or thing.

*I’m brimming with confidence because I made the choice to invest in me.

*I’ve committed to personal development.

*I’ve made myself accountable to a small group.

*I’ve sought counsel.

*I’ve been intentional in my choices.

*I’ve fought the fear of failure.

*I’ve sought the Lord for truth in my inner being!

*He’s deposited it deep within my spirit!

*I decided to co labor with Him and take on His image instead of the image of man, a communion of courage and confidence welled up inside me. They go hand in hand! It’s like courage took my hand and led me into confidence!

He alone is my confidence and keeps my foot from being caught in the snare!

No one can take from me what He’s deposited in me! No one! It’s my eternal gift and I will be eternally grateful for such a rich deposit!

Remember,courage is part of your birthright! It’s in there! Go find your courage and you’ll change your world!

I’m here if you have any questions on what to do next on your journey to wholeness.


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