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Self Love Is NOT Selfish

For years I was plagued with feeling guilty if I did something to “treasure” myself or indulge in self care. I always felt like it was so selfish if I treated myself to some of life’s little treasures. I really never had a poverty mentality per se, except when it came to self care. I’m confident that I’m not alone in this faulty belief. The good news is that ,over time, we can rewrite the old scripts we’ve been believing around self love and self care.

Self love is a sticky subject these days. Why? Because we live in a world that is obsessed with self. That much is true but this is not what I’m referring to at all.

Bear with me will you?

The Word clearly says that we are to love our neighbor as ourself. (Matt.22:39)

Let’s ponder on this verse together shall we?

The truth is, if we don’t truly love ourselves, there is no way we will be able to truly love another. Why?

Because out of the depth of what we believe about our true selves,we will ultimately treat others the same way. That is just the raw and real fact my friends.

We may try to love others without loving or valuing ourselves because we think its the Christian thing to do but internally, we struggle. We struggle with our own sense of self love, self worth and self care so we forgo that for the counterfeit. Self loathing. Fraudulent living. I know because I’ve been there.

Its time to sort out what’s true about you…!

When I was faced with casting myself out of my own heart, I knew I wasn’t living my best life. The one Jesus died for. The one He fought for. The one He chose for me. The One I desire to live for…

I began exploring His Word in an new way. Not in the the religious kind of way though. The doctrine of man no longer had a hold over my heart. Jesus did. When I started living out of my true heart and not my self righteous head, my belief system changed as did my self love.

Self love starts with a surrendered heart to the One who created you.❤️

Befriend yourself as He has befriended you. He believes in the power of you and loves you like no other. If you give yourself a chance, you’ll be more apt to give others a chance. If you love yourself, then and only then, can you truly love from a pure heart.

Treasure who you are and others will begin to treasure you too. If they continue to choose not to,out of respect and love for yourself, the distance between you will inevitably separate what was to what has to be. Mutual love of each other and self.

Allow me to share a few things that have helped me in developing self love and self care on this journey to wholeness.

~Get to know you. The real you.❤️

~Take time out for you. Date yourself.❤️

~Pamper yourself every now and then. Its not a sin. ❤️

~Shut off the worlds way and find your own unique way. This is not anyone else’s journey but yours.❤️

~ Affirm and declare who you are and don’t deviate from that! ❤️

~ Have quiet time to reflect, to journal, to grow, to read, to develop into who you were always created to be. ❤️

~If you find a treasure that radiates who you are, buy it!❤️

~There is no one more qualified to know what your heart really desires besides you especially if you have The Lord heart living within yours.❤️

He absolutely adores and loves you and wants for you to feel the same way about His beautifully and fearfully made creation. (Ps.139:14) ❤️

After all, you were created in His image not anybody else’s. There’s only one you…❤️

Once you really grab hold of this truth, you really get it then you’ll get everything that goes with that. EVERYTHING!❤️


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