What is it that soothes your soul?

For me, it’s definitely the ocean!

Truth is, I wasn’t having a good day…I felt trapped in the confines of my mind.I felt slightly stuck. In a funk so to speak…Like stuck in my head and not living out of my true heart..❤️ Thats where love, joy, peace, kindness and all the other beatitudes are supposed to reside, right? This particular day just wasn’t going that way…I didn’t like that feeling of being stuck and not feeling one with Him. I was out of sync with my greatest fan.You know the lover of our souls, Jesus.

So I had a choice as we all do. To stay stuck of seek out what soothes our soul. I knew I had no choice but to choose the latter. Its where He finds me and I, Him.

Maybe because I grew up on the water I find myself seeking out any body of water (lakes ,rivers,oceans,inlets, streams and even fountains :)) For some reason the sound of water always seems to bring me back into the place of peace that I’m searching for. It’s where He waits for me to simply sit and be still…and know.

If you know me, you know that’s hard for me to do at times.


Is it worth it?


A soul restored…❤️

Be sure to take time out for you this weekend and do something that soothes your soul. You’ll come back more refreshed and better able to serve your family, friends and community.

Ps.41;10~ Be still and know that I am God.

Life’s a beach…


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