The Swing and I…

I admit, Ive got a thing for swings.

Now before you get any ideas or weirded out, hear me out.

We’ve got alot of history, swings and I.

One of my first experiences however was a rather traumatic experience. I was about 10 years old. I was”gently”,not really, pushed off the back of a glider swing and landed on the ground,face first. All the while, the glider continued to glide back and forth down the back of my little head…Split it wide open.I vaguely remember the ride to the hospital but nothing prior.It was all a blur.I think I was in shock but one thing I do remember was mother praying for the blood to stop. And it did.

As I recall laying on the operating table,full of fear,not because of getting stitches but because they had to cut my new turquoise striped shirt off of me. That was a big deal. The new shirt that is..

Anyway,my mother was insistent that she be there with me in the operating room. Usually they don’t allow anyone in the O.R. But mother,she had her ways… and always got hers.

Seventeen stitches later, a short hospital stay, lots of ice cream and candy as well a promise of a new shirt, I was able to go home to recover. I never got the new striped shirt…

Fast forward,15 years later.

Frightened beyond belief, I found myself to suddenly be rather,a young (26) single mom of three little ones with no idea what to do or how to provide for them by myself.

One day I stumbled on this print of a young girl on a swing. I stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t the swing that captured my attention though. It was the hand of God holding up the swing and that little girl. That was me…

It was as if there was the audible voice of my Father God speaking to me through that picture. He asked me to trust in Him with my whole heart that day and to not lean on my own understanding but to acknowledge Him in everything and He WILL direct my paths. (Prov.3.5-6)

I had no clue what or how I was going to love and provide for my little broken family at that time but I knew He would somehow make a way for us.

I just had to have that print! I think it was all of $2.00 at the time and that was a big deal. Like a really big deal. I couldn’t afford to have it framed but years later my mother had it framed for me.

This picture has represented my story throughout time and continues to do so to this day. That picture became my life verse, my life line at times.

So tell me, what’s your life verse that’s become your lifeline?

P.S.~ Whenever I see a swing of any sort, I either sit on it or I buy it. One cant have to many swings now can they?

4 thoughts on “The Swing and I…”

  1. I need help with a life verse. Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind. I thought it was Jarrett’s verse but then you reminded me his was Jeremiah 1:5 (my next tattoo btw).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jer.29:11 is a powerful verse!!!
      “For I know the plans I have for you”,declares the Lord,” plans for good and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope!”
      I’d say He’s doing it on your behalf precious sunshine!


    2. Sunshine… you’ve always had such a sparkle in your eye that I also think about the verse or theverse or the song… This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine…!🎼
      Betcha can’t get it out of your head now! ❤️


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