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Create Your Own Sense Of Style ..

Why try yo fit in when you were born to stand out…

Dare to be different. Own your sense of style, whatever it may be. I enjoy being fashionably fit with a little bit of shabby chicness sprinkled with a bit of a\funky edge yet with a classy vibe. I know that sounds crazy but I can pull it off.Took me a long time to be okay with being different. My mother was quite different,actually she was extremely eccentric and when she walked into a room it was like she brought a rainbow with her. So for years I prided myself in being extremely monochromatic. Just let me blend in… because I didn’t want to bring attention to myself or stand out! That was my mother. But I’m not my mother, I’m me .She definitely dared to be different and that was her thing…I now have my own thing. I don’t dress to impress or dress for success per se ,I dress to fit my personality, my lifestyle and my own sense of style.

Nobody else’s will do. Simply be you!

Do you know your style? What makes you feel fabulous?Think about what makes you feel the prettiest, sassiest,most comfortable and classiest and just go with it.

Let it become, you.

5 thoughts on “Create Your Own Sense Of Style ..”

  1. This is so me! My psycho oncologist (cancer therapist) helped me see that “my quirkiness is my magic”. So now I embrace who I am (still a work in progress but I’m getting closer). Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing your blog. 💗


    1. Sue, I’m so glad you’re embrace your magic!!!! We”re on this journey together! Thank you for checking out my blog and feel free to share anything that resonates with you my friend.


  2. This inspired me to add some color to my wardrobe……no more just blending in! I think we now know where your sweet granddaughter gets her sense of style from! Love you!

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  3. in that way i have always had my crazy style and never cared. Its the one thing i had confidence in because that was just me and i never liked being like everyone else. Still don’t.

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