Your Love Defends Me

This is such a powerful song that has spoken to me when I’m feeling down: Your Love Defends Me by Matt Maher

Have you ever felt like you’re all alone?

I know I have and it doesn’t feel so good. I could be in the midst of a crowd and yet feel all alone. Like invisible and no one would notice if I wasn’t there anymore…

Yeah, Ive been there and its ugly.

There within, lies the battle. The battle of our minds. The battle within our hearts. The battle between the 18 inches between the two, our heart and our mind.

Did you know that most people live in their heads and not from their true heart.

That is where it can become dangerous unless you get plugged in to the One that never leaves you. Ever. You’re never alone you know.

It’s in those times that I intentionally and purposely lean in to the Lord and my support group.I’ve battled situational depression over the years and if I had not intentionally pursued people who believed in me and saw me outside of myself, I’d probably still be there.

But I’m not, thank GOD.

When ever you feel defeated or all alone, this song will lift your spirit for sure and remind you that you’re never alone.

His Love and the love of others will defend you!

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