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The Day I Became a Badass…

Wanna know about the day that I became a BADASS…

It was pretty humiliating actually.

Yup, it was one of those days. May 19th,2016.

A day I’ll never forget.

But neither did God.

To say I was shocked and beyond devastated, would be an understatement to say the least.

Yes, our marriage was in constant turmoil but THIS “last act’ did my heart in.

It was the day I had to climb over a 2 story balcony to “attempt ” to get in our new home.

An epic fail on my part might I add however I was determined to find a way to get into own home after being locked out. Not only locked out, but the locks were changed and all my clothing strategically placed in black trash bags by the front door…

It was in that moment that my life was forever changed.

Not only my life, but my entire family. Thats why I kept going back. My family was my world. They were,in part, why I stayed in such dysfunctional chaos. I had been determined to make it work, regardless of the dysfunction.

Dysfunction got me like…

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Literally!

It was all a blur and I it hadn’t really hit me what was really happening here.

I was,in that moment,unknowingly becoming a badass.

What I did know however was that I had to get in and at least get my hormones. No, for real. I had been without them for at least 5 days now and I was feeling the effects of it. Like night sweats for example,but then again, that could have been from all the stress prior to the last act…

Anyway, long story short, after discovering that I was not only locked out,the locks were changed and I was no longer welcome in our home,something shifted inside of me.

I knew this was the final straw.

The end…

By the time I REALLY realized what was indeed happening,my adrenaline was pumping, my heart beating outside my chest, I somehow managed to borrow a very tall ladder from the neighbors who weren’t home.

I knew that I could get into the French doors on the balcony ,I’d be in the clear. We had not once locked them in the past six months. Not once.

Boy,was I wrong.

Let me back up for a second.

I had been counseled earlier that day to NOT go home without someone with me. At that point, we didn’t have a clue that I was actually locked out. I just knew I just not welcome there anymore…

Two girlfriends ( of which I now lovingly refer to as B.A.B.’S~ Badass Balcony Sisters)graciously offered to come and help me get a just a few things..

Well, that didn’t happen quite as we planned at all.

I wasn’t just locked out, the locks had even been changed with high end locks that the locksmith couldn’t even get into..

Who knew?

Certainly not me. I knew he was angry but this…

He had often demonstrated passive aggressive behavior but never like this.


And it was happening to me.


Only six months prior, our 23rd anniversary to be exact, we had reconciled, complete with rather compelling vow renewals…

And now I was having to climb over a rather steep 2 story balcony to try to get in…

Have I told you that I’m not super agile and I’m not found of heights either.

I was a sight for sore eyes but my options at this point, were, shall we say, we’re minimal.

I think about the possible “fall out”.I’m fairly tall and felt confident that I could straddle the railing.

Not so much.

As I leaped from the ladder to catch hold of the railing I soon realized there may be a problem. Upon straddling the rod iron railing, I quickly realized my feet couldn’t touch either side of the balcony or the ladder that I had just catapulted from.

Wonder Woman I am not…

I was either going to have fall down 2 stories fall in and felt the felt quite certain of the eminent outcome. A broken bone or two or even worse, no entry.I found my rather fragile frame airborne pretty much between space and time. It seemed like a slow motion action movie but it was in real time.

I fell. Hard.

Not so gracefully mind you, onto the wooden planks of the balcony floor. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t so sure I had not broken something.

I couldn’t feel a thing anyway. I was numb.

Once I landed, I motioned down to my two (B.A.B.S) that I was okay. They were not. Their eyes were as big as saucers and they too were now in shock.

It was in the next few seconds that we realized I was stuck.

Like really stuck.

I just knew the balcony doors would be unlocked as we never locked them.


Wrong again. All three balcony doors were locked tighter than a drum.I couldn’t reach the ladder to get back down and now I couldn’t get into our homeo

It was at that moment that I felt completely overwhelmed and defeated. My reality was beginning to set in and it wasn’t looking so good.

But, Ive never been a quitter,ever.I couldn’t give up now even if I wanted to. I was stuck without an exit plan.

And hot. It was a super sunny day in May, in Florida.

After attempting to break into my home for almost 2 hours,which proved, by the way, to be an epic fail! It became obvious that I would not make it as a burglar.

It was then that the B.A.B.’S called in a reinforcement.

It was either the fire department or locksmith.

They decided on the latter to avoid any further humiliation.

Enter, Urie, from Russia…the locksmith!

To be continued in another blog…

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5 thoughts on “The Day I Became a Badass…”

  1. I visualized this whole balcony thing and cracked up cause it’s movie worthy! It wasnt a time for laughter then, but I know you are stronger and better for it! Love you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its totally laughable …NOW! LOL! True story never to be forgotten. I’m such a badass now. Just let me know if you need me to climb a balcony for you !
      Thank you for checking out girl! Hope to see you this Thursday evening!


    2. It was a scene alright…and I’m not the most agile and graceful person I know. It wasnt pretty in the least but it was the ending to a new beginning so that made it beautiful. 🙂


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