Personal Development

The Passing of Time is Not a Choice

The passing of time is not an option.

Think about it and time is gone.

Have you ever wondered where the time has gone? Let’s dive right into that before more time gets away from us. Sometimes I just seem to waste time. Literally. Its my calm or so it seems. I put things off and then realize I don’t have enough time to get things done because, yes, I just wasted it.

I think back to raising my children and it just seemed like yesterday I was running to and fro trying to “juggle my time”between all the responsibilities that seemingly took up all my time.

I think I may have missed some of the most precious passages of time during that time. Because I was so determined to make the most of my time, I lost track of time.

Fast forward in time…

And now, it seems the more time I have on my hands, the less time i have.

Oh, if only we could go back in time and take time back.

Times a ticking…

Life can easily escape you if you don’t travel right along with it. You know when you travel,how you want to take in every little thing that you can as to not waste your travel time,well now is the only tinge we have.

Don’t let life escape you!

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