God In a Box

Have you ever put God in a box? I know I have and this is what I found.

You just can’t put a lid on God. What we can do however is put a lid on ourselves. I doubt that we do it intentionally but subconsciously we have nailed true box shut.

But God. He knew. So what’s God do?He climbs right in the box with us until we’re ready to blow the lid off.

While in there, sitting in the darkness, in silence ,in loneliness, in fear, in isolation, in self contempt, in abandonment, in rejection, in resentment, in abuse ,just to name a few, He waits. Its in the box that He prepares our hearts and souls to come out of hiding. Knowing that our box has been labeled, fragile,He ever so gently nudges the corners of our comfort. He knows the confines of our mind yet He knows just how to graciously draw us out of the limitations that the box has put on us. He also knows the wonderfully and fearfully made gift that has been hidden in that so called box.He knows just how wonderful, how marvelous are His works. Marvelous are His works, seriously marvelous ,so of course, He wants nothing more than to blow of the lid of the boxes we put ourselves in and show us off to the world around us. I’d say, its time for you and I to come out of the box and shine brightly, never to be hidden again. After all, our souls already know it well.


I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works; and my soul knows it very well.

4 thoughts on “God In a Box”

  1. God was in the box for many years due to all the pain and when I decided to surrender myself to God I realize that there is nothing more powerful than taking that lid off that box because he has worked in me in a way I never imagined.

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