God Winks

Shoulder Taps

Shoulder taps. Have you heard of them, experienced them or given a tap or two?

I’m not talking the cold shoulder kind of tap either. I’m talking about that nudge in your spirit to do something specific or say something to someone that you may or may not know. Its the prompting of the Holy Spirit that compels us to orchestrate the shoulder taps in our lives. You may be called to give one or receive one. The key to shoulder tapping is being sensitive to that nudge within that I was talking about. The next key is listening to that voice within and walking it out in faith.

You may be in line at the grocery store when you hear that little small voice say,”Go and bless that woman over there.”Tell her she’s beautiful or whatever The Lord lays on your heart to say or do. It may be a small act of kindness on your part but it may very well change their destiny or at least their outlook on that day. Regardless, your obedience will be a blessing to the receiver and no doubt, to you the giver. It may very well be the tap on the shoulder that heals their soul or brightens their day.

Go on and give it a tap!

Take time today to listen and then find a shoulder to tap.

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