Personal Development

Born to Fly

A book that changed my life…Born to Fly

Little did I know that when I received this book how much it would challenge the darkness that loomed inside my childlike heart. It was time to get real and uncover the things that have ,in secret, kept me bound. THIS book and the author, Pat Stark, who has become such a dear friend, counselor,mentor and truth seeker and speaker has been used to redeem my pain, my identity and to set the captives free. Just the way Jesus intended it to be all along actually.

If you have struggled with your true identity,rejection, betrayal,abandonment or abuse of any kind, I want to admonish you to order her book and turn the pages of your life into a redeemed story as I have! I challenge you to take a further look inside of your heart to discover His heart toward you.

With that being said, this journey toward wholeness doesn’t start or end with this book . It starts with your willingness to surrender your pain from the past, possibly as early as childhood so that it can be redeemed and used for His glory and your freedom.

Its not an easy work but it is worth it!

For His glory and your freedom? Yes, that is where Jesus is seen in you, through you and by the way you now live life.Your true heart and freedom will lead others into the same.

You are, indeed, Born to Fly my friends!

Come and fly with me among the eagles!

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