Zoe~Life Emanating from God

Zoe~ “Life”Group Reunion!

These peeps right here were like brothers and sisters to me 30+ years ago when I first became a single mama with 3 little ones! They literally breathed “LIFE”back into our lives!❤️

I mean for real. After a few years of being a single mom and feeling rejected,abandoned and very much alone not to mention scared,I lost hope. Completely. I had given up on me but i just couldn’t give up on my children.

Looking back, my children saved my life. Literally. They deserved more than what I could offer which wasn’t much at that time. To be brutally honest, I was impoverished, financially, emotionally, spiritually.mentally and physically. I contemplated many times how i could end my life but because of them, I couldn’t follow through. I loved them far more than I had ever loved myself, I couldn’t destroy their lives anymore than they had already been destroyed by their fathers abrupt departure. In essence, my children saved my life in so may ways of which they may never know but I will never forget that day.

The turning point.

Thats just about the time that God sent in the troops. This troop of believers to be exact. I was fragile, vulnerable and weary when I arrived at this new Christian singles group called Zoe. I was all but spent.

They rolled up their sleeves and truly loved us well! They helped us find a room to live in then a home to live in,medical care, care for my children once I found a job, helped financially when I couldn’t pay the rent and prayed fervently on our behalf.

If it weren’t for their love for the Lord and love for my little family,I’m not sure where I’d be today! I’m forever grateful for each and every one of them!

Being reunited with them tonight after all these years felt like a just reward for all of their service tommy family.

I was able to share how all three my children are doing now and totally testify of Gods mercy, grace,great provision and purpose for their lives and mine as well.

My heart is overwhelmed with happy tears as I remember the day I almost gave in and gave up on life when unknowingly, He orchestrated this union of friends in such a Zoe kind of big way!

And what’s super cool is that we haven’t aged a bit either…!

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